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Updated 10/13/2016

Hiking in the Spanish Peaks. We hiked with my brother, Spencer, in the Spanish Peaks. A mountain range in the Madisons south of Bozeman. My brother and I had hiked with some friends 41 years before. We went in at the same place and this year hiked 3 miles into Pioneer Falls on the way to Jerome Rock lakes. In 1975 we hiked 7 miles the first night to Mirror Lake. And then 13 miles the 2 day to come out by Big Sky. We remember different things from our younger days. But we both remembered the dinner at Mirror Lake in 1975. Ramen noodles, cans of water chestnuts and cans of shrimp as a soup. We remember it tasting fine. I wonder?
We are back. But we will remember our nights camping on the West Boulder and the hiking there. Our night in Glacier Park and all the snow. And then the snow that followed us back to Bozeman.
But our best memories this year are 5 trips to Chico Hot Springs and 1 to Norris Hot Springs.

Saturday yoga schedule:
Saturday class October 22 at 8:30

Fall schedule:
Monday 9:00-10:30am flow
5:30 -6:45pm flow
Tuesday 7:30- 8:30am sore and stiff (This class is usually pretty full.)
Wednesday 7:30- 8:30am sore and stiff  (This class, being new, is not as full, try this!)
9:00-10:30am flow
Friday 7:30-8:30am sore and stiff
9:00-10:30am flow
Saturday 8:30-9:30am flow 
(most Saturdays, check web site for confirmation)

Tracy, Ian, and Chuck!

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