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Updated, 3/3/2015 7:00 AM

Open •••19km, skiing is great!

3/3/2015..... 1º, with an expected high of 29º.
Great day for a ski. The temperature will be about the same as yesterday, blue sky most of the day. Another beautiful day to be outside.
Weather coming in overnight, the forecast is for a little bit of everything. PLEASE check before coming out skiing tomorrow.
The chickadees are singing their spring song this morning. The red polls have emptied a feeder. The hairy woodpecker would like more suet. The days are longer and the birds are hungry.
All trails are open and great skiing, with the exception of the Chickadee. The land owners are having it logged.

The otters are moving on the brook on the Woodcock and Snow Goose, look for slide tracks
The warm weather will get the animals out looking for food. Keep your eyes open for the slides. Susan told me to look in the ski trail for tracks. They are harder to spot quick, but once you see them, upon close inspection, you can see great detail. The animals are using the ski trails for the same reason we are. Energy conservation. They aren't getting much to eat. And this snow is a total energy drain. Susan saw weasel, fox and snowshoe hare yesterday.
I saw fox scat in the road, scent marking. It was the color of weak hot chocolate. I asked Susan about the color. She explained the darker richer looking scat comes from an animal after they have eaten a good meal of organ meat. So after a fresh kill. The weak hot chocolate color is when there isn't anything left but bones and fur and leaves, nothing with much nutritional value. Your FYI of the day. I found it very interesting.
You will see more scat than the actual animal.

****Some tips to dressing to be out in the really cold weather.
Remember dry clothes are most important.
Bring dry socks to put on before you put your ski boots on.
Layers. Wool and synthetic base layers are best. Avoid cotton!
A neck warmer and a hood are essential.
Mittens NOT gloves. Grab some hand warmers.
I am going to repeat, layers and dry!
See you on the trails!****

Tracy, Ian, and Chuck!

Yoga schedule at a glance.
This schedule is current and accurate as of February 22th.
Mon. 9am & 5:30pm
Tues. 7:30am and 5:30pm

Wed. 9am
Fri. 7:30am and 9am
Saturday March 7, at 8:30-9:30am

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